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Anybody Can Give You Packages And Offers,
But Nobody Guarantee You Anything… But We Can

Because We Are Much Confident With All Our Options
That Nobody Can’t Offer You

Are you a builder looking for marketing your property? Then you are in the right place. A place that can give you, the most efficient options in real estate. Put your property or project before the right customers. Not to someone you know, but to millions you don’t know, because the buyers for your property is so vast, around the globe. We have both innovative and orthodox ways, which make your project a gem in real estate. With all the options we have, you’re able to market your property with right values that you desire. We are not here to give you a package that lost your money, but an option to relax you because, we take care of your marketing. You just go out with other projects, because we can give you confident that your property sale will be done within your desired time.

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First Time in India, We are Introducing

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

    • Property Shows

      On all major TV channels

      We made a revolutionary change in real estate business with concept of bringing real estate advertisements in TV channels. This helps our viewers to visualize the property through visual medias.

    • Featured Website

      With all innovative options

      Our fully featured website make your property reach all over India or around the globe. Promote your property with all the innovative features available in real estate now, which make property sales faster.

    • 24H Web Channel

      Next generation channel

      Overall one million daily customers, buyers, agents are waiting to see your project or property around India or globe. Visualize your property before them, so they feel as they are watching real property.

    • Photos And Videos

      For higher rate promotions

      Visualize your property before the buyers, and satisfy them with proper ambiance. We made it by unlimited property video and photo publish, to drive your property sales faster to right customers.

    • Kerala Property Magazine

      Revolutionize the concept of real estate

      We maximize power of print media by publishing collection of our best property, with all our builders property and project before our customers, buyers and agents that make your project more noticeable.

    • Radio Ads Promotions

      Stay connect every time

      Making connection with buyers every time through our radio property programs and announcements. Our specialized programs succeeded past years in connecting both buyers and sellers anywhere.

    • Advertisement Board

      Anywhere and everywhere

      Display projects before the specific audience targeting huge crowd pulls to make fast promotions intently. Advertisements boards on specific events and junctions can accelerate your project promotions faster.

    • News Paper Advertisements

      Following the orthodox way

      Our daily newspaper advertisements on major dailies boost property, which cover up the boundaries of our real estate and accelerate the speed of your property promotions, and spreads in every corners.

    • Social Media Promotions

      Fastest way of promotion

      Since social medias plays an important role in publishing now a days, we accomplish your property sales dreams faster by combining the power of all major social medias and messengers available now a days.

    • Real Estate Options

      With all innovative options

      Our fully featured website make your property reach all over India or around the globe. Promote your property with all the innovative features available in real estate now, which make property sales faster.

Market Your Property Through Our Channels Shows

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Own Free Profile Page With Every Builders Packs

Support with all means of latest applications inbuilt

Promote your project with an elegant page that feels entirely fresh, yet inherently familiar and with all enhanced with new features. A completely new relationship between your project and Your Customers. We set out to elevate the experience of property promotions in India. To do that, we looked at the entire system and refined it. Feature by feature. And we built great new capabilities into the interface that put need-to-know information at your fingertips. The result is that your New builder promotion application with a fresh new attitude, with all the power and simplicity your buyers know and love. With such amazing options you can do incredible things. Use them all, and you can do so much more. Because now we enable brilliant new features that feel magical and yet make perfect sense. Make immerse property promotions throughout India and around the globe.

  • Advanced Designs And Structure

    With Most Unique Options

    Interactive Styled Design
    Mobile Supported Interfaces
    Support Multi browser
    Adaptable Metro Colors
    SEO Friendly Design

  • Innovative Web Tools And Applications

    Boost Property Market

    Customized Property View
    Images / Video View
    Map Location Locater
    Map Amities Finder
    Social Media

Market Your Project With Your Finger Tips

Live Search And Support on Your Finger tips

Hey, our 24 X 7 help & support desk is fully equipped for your support any time and every time. We can provide support about the packages or marketing options. We believe, proper communication can reduce the risk of your marketing problem, and can advise you to make necessary steps to put your property to right buyers in your desired time. Well, we are always happy to help you, you can either call directly to above number and talk to our experts, or make a call back request, and then we will call you back within 24 hours.


44/65, Aroma Cottage, SRM Road, Near Vattoli Lane, Kochi Ernakulam, Kerala, India.
Mob : +91 - 9633222211, Tel : 0484 - 4047774
Email :

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